"We found the preparation of forecasts and monthly management accounts for board meetings by Archimedia has become an essential management tool. Although we have always prepared monthly accounts we found Archimedia has brought a new perspective which has strengthened financial control, increasing accuracy, highlighted areas to be worked on and freed the board to make decisions to develop and improve our business strategy."

Margaret Davenport

"I would like to share my absolute delight in finally having piece of mind regarding my financial affairs. As I am a foster carer I needed to make sure my accounts were kept up to date, I did have accountants who were not based in my home town and were only accessible over the phone. At my first meeting I was introduced to a female accountant who immediately welcomed me allowing me to feel at ease within the caring, friendly atmosphere of their offices. I was able to ask questions and get answers without being made to feel I was taking up to much of her time. Making a decision to go with Archimedia was a very easy one after an initial meeting; I came away empowered with a new knowledge and understanding. I recommend them to anyone you will not be disappointed."

Elouise Artrige

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